Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011



I find this a most strange word - so often the cause of much resentment, animosity and uncertainty, even though the word itself connotes a positive reaction towards a positive action.

In my personal experience, I’ve so often felt under-appreciated. Whether by a loved one, a lover, a friend or a boss. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been in severe arguments as a result of this issue. The frequency of this matter arising has also led me to question my own disposition. I can safely surmise that the feeling of lack of appreciation may be the result of:-

a) My own incompetence or inability to do anything worth appreciation; OR
b) My consistent contact with individuals who lack appreciation for anything in general. 

Sometimes I wish to believe that I am right. Moreso when engaged in heated argument. I tend to get defensive, as virtually all of us do, and that does not help me at all.

Sometimes, I stop to think – maybe the other person has some point in all this, and I am in fact, merely blowing my own horn (so to speak), and unjustifiably so at that.

Answers? I wish I had them. Res ipsa loquitor then. Let the facts speak for themselves.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Green Green Grass Of Home

Dear Diary,

The state of my employment is relatively shite. However, more than just the issue of job security and salary, another obstacle obstructs my path to a different future: I am very, very aware that I have many freedoms in this job. More so that it has made me terribly lazy. Nevertheless, I stay on because this freedom has allowed me to pursue my dreams of dancing, photography and traveling, among others.

The million-dollar question now is: Do I continue staying? No, I’m not talking about staying here for the next 20 years. I’m talking about resigning almost immediately, as opposed to resigning at the end of the year.

Quoting the legendary (at the time, but now more than slightly coockoo) Axel Rose of Guns 'N Roses in their iconic hard-rock tune - "Where do we go? Where do we go now?"

I'm still trying to figure out where this is all going, with not too much success I admit. Is this a sign that I can't handle things of this manner?

Should I stay on when my boss has agreed to grant me that promotion WITHOUT any increase in salary (not even a 2-figure increase)?

I think I'm going to have to start praying again.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Proof that Proton is Evil

This is further proof that our National Car Maker is secretly an evil entity bent on natiowide domination and exploitation.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WTF is wrong with my background?

On a totally different note, I just reailsed that the background of this blog happens to look like a cross between tie-dyed sheets and blood and semen (Metallica anyone?).

On another different note, posted in this blog which no one reads, I just completed shooting Ruben & Yvonne's Wedding Day, both Morning and Night session. Holy crap, you wouldn't believe how much work is involved here. Worse thing is (not really 'worse', just tiring I guess) that I REALLY REALLY need to sort all this shit out before WEDNESDAY - meaning tomorrow. Cos tomorrow night will be another adventure - Thaipusam! More on that soon!

Note: I'm totally done with all the morning's pictures and now I only need to edit the night ones. If my technique is up to scratch, the night pics should not take so long to edit, since dinner photos don't require much drama, only that everyone (especially the hens... eh, I meant women) appears clear and pretty (regardless...). I hope to complete all that BY TONIGHT. Jesus. But I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out anyways. Great photos - one of my better sets definitely.

Next up: Thaipusam delights! Another all nighter, another crazy day. Oh, and lets not forget that a dear friend, Raj Stevens hired me to shoot his event on Saturday, 22nd January 2011 at the Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club. I'd promote his event through my blog but unfortunately, no one reads my blog :-(

Last but not least, the cherry on top, Havana Estudio's legendary monthly studio party for January 2011, the very first one of YEAR 2011. For those of you who do not know it, do support us you losers! 

PS: Serious shit - the Thaipusam set is going to be awesome. As awesome as me, probably more awesome. Try not to miss it when it comes out!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year 2011: Out with the old, in with the new...

Cheers to all and goodwill to men (and women).

Another year dawns and this blog is still under-maintained. It's no problem really because no one actually reads it. It is however, a great outlet for me to VENT and RANT, something which I have become very very adept at doing. I focus more on my photoblog these day (of which is particularly well maintained  must say).

That being said, this (first) blog of mine has a more personal feel to it. I has so far allowed me to speak my mind without being worried that it may give others a nasty opinion of Yours Truly.

So what's new in 2011?

I'm not sure about the rest of the months, but January appears to have a fairly exciting schedule.

1. There was a book launching by the Peranakan Association on the 8th (which I missed due to work committments). I was actually supposed to sing 2 traditional peranakan songs with a singing troupe but I missed that as well. :-(  I was also told that there was some Kebaya modeling going on that afternoon, which my camera ultimately missed;

2. Ruben and Yvonne's wedding on the 15th. I've been asked by Ruben to shoot the games and the ceremony in the morning. No news yet if 'll be shooting the dinner itself. Some people feel paiseh to ask a guest to shoot their wedding. Or they might already have a pro on-site. We'll see how this cookie crumbles.

3. A Thaipusam special (by me!) on the 19th/20th. I'll be going with Calvin (hereinafter referred to as "Fatty") and Malini. Mals will be participating with her brothers and Fatty and I just want to experience the whole thingamajig. I'm going for the Pulitzer with this one... stay tuned to my photoblog for more!;

4. A good buddy of mine, Raj Steven hired me to shoot his fitness event on the 22nd, titled UNLEASHED 2011. Its a whole day event to be held at Stadium Bukit Jalil whereby numerous well-known fitness and health instructors are invited to give workshops and talks on our geenral well-being. If you're reading this, come on over that morning to give us support!; and

5. Of course we can't forget the Havana Estudio Monthly Social for January. Traditionally held on the last Saturday of the month, this one is effectively on the 29th.

And this is just for January 2011. As mentioned in my photoblog as well, this looks like its going to be a good year.