Tuesday, November 27, 2007

STOP the abuse.

Terror, sadness, fears, and tears. STOP the abuse of children.

I'm not talking about physical abuse. I'm talking about something much more inconspicuous but equally sinister. I'm talking about psychological abuse. The unholy massacre of childhood. To take away something so pure and innocent in my opinion is an unforgivable sin (BURN! BABY, BURN!).

I was trudging my way through the day (as i always do) when i came across a randomly selected article off the 'Net. It was written (seemingly) anonymously, signed of as "A Concerned Parent" and was entitled "Don't Rob Kids of Their Childhood". Appalling stuff.

How developed a society do we consider ourselves when our children (not the 25-year old buffaloes still staying at home, but the younger ones) start doing the Singaporean thing and begin to practice ritual suicide to atone for their 'sins' ('sins' being falling 0.00017% short of a 101%). Let me explain how this absurdity began...

UPSR results came out not too long ago. UPSR. Ujian Peperiksaan Sekolah Rendah. 12 years old? Is that about right? A little girl who had collected her results and fell short of 5As had hung herself. That took a while to sink in. My condolences, sympathies, thoughts and prayers are with her soul and her family. This is the sort of shite that can make a grown man cry. Another innocent life snuffed out. Why? Because they were jaded with their situation, to the point where they felt that there was no other way out, no salvation, no options? At 12 years of age? What i want to know is, who the hell is responsible for this?

Take a look around. Its the parent themselves. In this post-modern meritocratic world we live in, we are becoming more and more result oriented. Parents think that they are doing the best for their kids, but in fact, they're actually doing whats best for THEMSELVES.
"My son got straight A's. Oh, yours didn't? Nevermind-lah, can always try again next time what?"

We're all so entangled in this huge web of illusions that many of us are stuck. Even if the light is a step away, we can't seem to bring ourselves to go towards it. We just stay in the dark and feel embittered that we were not in the Light in the first place. But while this complex becomes increasingly complex with age, children today are suffering from the same complexes with equal intensity, but not the maturity to handle it adequately. So they resort to something...else.

When i was 12, i wanted to go out for a run-about, get new toys, make new friends (Ok, the last one was a lie. I had no friends when was i was small, and Christmas trees were tall. And i still don't). What i didnt want at the time was, shitting myself silly, worrying about some dumb results from a defective education system. Our education system is like, a blind man telling you how good you look. Anyways, many children out there, spend so much time doing something they don't like, i.e. studying, but they do it anyway! These children want to try their best, to achieve the best and to make their parents proud of them.

What do they get in return? Angry parents who refuse to go to their graduation ceremonies. Angry parents who shout at their children in front of everyone else telling them how stupid or useless they are. Parents who punish their children by confiscating their games or toys. Anger, anger, anger. This isn't the World Cup for Pete's sake (who's Pete anyway? I never figured that one out..). Its only children. Why can't we just let children BE children.

For the love of freedom and innocence, lets just think about the kids, man, THINK ABOUT THE KIDS!

....and crucify the parents.

As a future parent, i don't quite fancy taking a bath in the B L O O D of my young 'uns. Anyways, i'm not Singaporean. Whatever that means. Probably means a "whale's vagina". Probably not. But maybe, just maybe...

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Monday Night Jam Sessions: Volume 1

9:00 a.m. (annoyed & moody) - I am not a morning person.

The Monday Night Jam Sessions are on.

As you can read from the title of this blog, In Memory of Someone of Rather happens to be the name of our little project consisting of Aaron Ponniah, Calvin J. Symons, and of course myself. I happen to be the guy carrying the equipment for the Band.

If anyone related is reading this: WHERE ARE YOU JEFF / IMI !!! We can't do this by ourselves!

By the by, is it just me or is Monday blues today extra bluesy? I'm so blue today, B.B. King is inviting me over to his place to ask me for advice. It probably has something to do with the fact that i am sick as a puppy (only not as cute, more disgusting in fact, with the mucus, oddly coloured phlegm, constipation, etc.). I can't seem to shake it. No, i'm not talking about Mrs. Palm and her 5 kids. Perve.

10:00 a.m.(almost melancholic) - Working hard, or hardly working.

Goddamned EDS department. It appears that the hardworking IT department in my office has taken the extra mile to earn their Bogus Link points by blocking more and more websites. The problem is, they take the easy way out by blocking Key Words. That way, ALL the flash game sites are blocked, ALL the friendster, etc. sites are blocked, even ALL the blog sites are blocked. I can't even play Sudoku on-line. Twats. If Marx was alive today, he'd be foaming at the mouth with all this Big Brother shite. This is martial law. AEON is on Emergency. I can't breath in this potpourri of iron fisted bureaucracy and totalitarian rule. Viva la Proletariat!

12.33 p.m. - Lets do lunch

My Boss is out for my blood. On a Monday morning. Even though he is not at work. Cliche? Surely. I'm still sick but apparently, thats no excuse. I can't take Medical Leave, and i can't under-perform. A lose-lose situation for sure.

As for the rest of the day,we'll just have to see how it goes. I do not think it will fare well. Hopefully, we can get some good jamming time in tonight, and the Blues will take away the blues.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Out of this world (literally)!

An absolute nutter.

Can you believe it? A guitar that tunes ITSELF. Cool. Listen to this:-
  • Keeps itself IN TUNE, even after you change the strings;
  • Select from six (6) non-standard tunings. At the push of a button. (Creed, Goo Goo Dolls anyone?)
Handy? Definitely. Must-have? Probably. Practical? Without a doubt. But yet...

This guitar must have purist foaming at the mouth. What happened a good ear for tone? Don't you need one of those for this 'music' thingamajig? Another talent now obsolete thanks to Robot Guitar from Gibson.

"Back in my days, we used Electronic Tuning Devices. It builds character". "Thats' so '20th Century' Grampa". Dumb kids.

Can you imagine how much that baby's gonna cost here on our shores? 15? 16? 20? Would it be worth it? Consider the artiste who became famous playing on non-standard tuning all these years. do you think they would really break between songs in a concert just because every two songs use different set-ups/tuning? Did GNR decide to play every alternate song in standard tuning and the others dropped 1/2? Didn't think so. So what more the average Johan/Jothi/Jinjang Joe?

Personally, i still think the vintage designs are the bee knees. Think 1957 Les Paul Standard. In Tabacco Sunburst. Hmm... orgasmic. Better still, think of the Slash Signature Les Paul (the one with the Fishman Piezo's). Hmm...hmmmm... ooer....... Now where did i keep the tissues?

What am i doing here?

I have arrived. I guess. And it happens to be long overdue. I just do not know what to put in a blog. Everyone is doing it these days, but i have no idea what they put in, or how they come up with stuff like that. Thats something i would like to know.

But nevermind about them. Now its about Me. Ok, i doubt anyone will read my postings (because i'm actually kind of embarrassed that i'm starting this blogging business so late so i am reluctant to tell anyone) but for anyone who cares, this is what i am going to be all about, including but not limited to:-

1) Random Ranting;
2) Pre-planned Ranting;
3) Invoked Ranting;
4) Football;
5) Music; and last but not least
6) Ranting.

Did i cover everything? Ok, ok... let me explain myself here. I have what medical science may refer to as "acute Eccentro-Cynicism". In short, I'm a little weird and a little cranky. But don't worry, i won't bite (unless it is mutually agreed upon by all the parties concerned). Its just a result of years of repressed anger, eventually channeled out as passion. Passion for music and passion for football (not soccer you twit), among others.

By the way, i tried to put up a picture of Oscar the Grouch (for those who know not the Grouch, kill your parents now for depriving you of a childhood. KILL THEM NOW!), supposedly for comedic-graphic effect of my inaugural post, but somehow its not coming out right. Hmm.... can anyone help me out with this? Damn technology. Back in my day, we used paper. And colouring pencils. Staedtler ones, with loads of colours too.

I'm still trying to upload the damn picture. WTF mate? Alright, alright. I just got it.

Where was i again?

Sorry. I lost it. I'll come back when i have more to rant about. Be well, my non-existent friends.