Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Madness - Will It Ever End? I Hope Not...

This is simply madness in its purest form. The weekend of 23rd and 24th October 2010 drained me like no other weekend. As fun as it appeared to be, I sincerely hope I will not be repeating anything similar anytime soon.

22nd October 2010: After work, I rush back home to fetch my luggage, of which I half-packed the night before. By 8.00 p.m. I am ready to leave for the island state of PENANG. After some complications, I finally leave at about 10.00 bloody p.m. On the way, due to extreme tiredness, I end up making 2 stops in quick succession - to sleep. I finally reach Penang at about 3 a.m., waking my uncle (with whom I was staying with) in the process. Thank you so much Uncle Joo Chye. Salut.

23rd October 2010: First thing in the morning, it's off to B&F's (more like F's parent's house in Penang) for the Persian version of the Chinese tea ceremony. This remarkable ceremony invoved a symbolic tree planting as well as individual blessings from various family members. Was absolutely glad to be there to shoot the whole thing. Lovely people, lovely family, and lovely pictures. Lovely food too although I did not eat much. Can you believe that at 11 a.m. by Godma calls me and asks me where I am? Apparently my Godsis (not the Catholic version) was getting married (tea ceremony Saturday morning and dinner at night) and I was only told about it by me mum a few days earlier. And I did not know that they did not have an OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER. Thus they were relying on me. Sucks.

At night, we confirmed the absence of a photographer. They had a videographer but IMHO, If I had to choose between the 2, I'd go for a photog. So I took the opportunity to pull out my Weapon of Choice and went trigger happy. Oh, and I wish you could check out the Boney M sung by a leggy chinese singer. Nice legs indeed, but you can keep the rest.

24th October 2010: The craziness truly begins NOW. I'm at Parkroyal Hotel by about 5.30 p.m. to prepare my equipment. They're were going to have a Parsi Zoroastrian blessing ceremony (sorry if got that one wrong) before the actual dinner. Amazing stuff! They even handed down little flyers explaining the whole process and what it means. I hope my pictures can tell the story adequately. 

I'm not a fan of hotel food by any measure, but dinner was very good, Excellent service and delicious food. Both the relatives of B and F clans were absolutely lovely that evening, the small hall filled with laughter and other joyous sounds.

I left dinner early, just before the wedded couple had their first dance together as husband & wife. Mind you, 'early' happened to be about 11.30 p.m. I went back to my uncle's house to quickly pick up my things, and hastily bid him goodbye.

25th October 2010: I hit the highway at about past 12 a.m. Instant nightmare! I quickly realised that I was getting drowsy fast. Worse still, there was no Rest Stop in sight. I finally found a stop and took me a 1 hour nap. When I started driving again, in about half and hour, I stopped yet again for a one half hour nap. Only then did I feel fit enough to continue driving. The problem is, it was already past 4 a.m. I finally got back at about 6 a.m. Took a clarinase pill and slept for exactly 1 hour before I got up to change and head to work.

Dear Lord...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Holy Cow! What A Weekend!

Gotta catch my breath.

Started with a Raya Open House shoot on Friday night in Cyberjaya for these 2 charming sisters.

Then on Saturday night, I was hired to shoot a classy birthday celebration for one heck of a great dude.

On Sunday morning, woke up bright and early to shoot Ruben & Yvonne / K.C. & Anna's wedding registration.

Back to work. I have to edit about 1,500 photos in the next few days.

More on these shoots later.

Friday, October 8, 2010

... A Few Surprises On The Way

Photoshoot Assignments

I took leave yesterday (Thursday, 7th October 2010) so I could sort out the registration / name changing of my 3-month old Sentra. I was initially informed that the queue was not long in the afternoon so the whole process may take only about 3 hours. I was finished in 20 MINUTES. I was in at 12 pm and out by 12.20 pm. Outstanding, PUPAKOM Wangsa Maju.

Having too much time on my hands (Par finished work at 4.00 pm @ MATIC), I didn't want to go home, so I stopped by Batu Caves to take photos. Fancy that. I quite like how the shots turned out and will be posting them in http://dominiquekeephotography.blogspot.com soon.

In the midst of all that driving up and down the MRR2, I got 2 separate phone calls in response to an internet advertisment I put up in Mudah.com.my, offering my services as a budget photographer. I accepted both although it was on rather short notice.

One is this evening - a regular Raya Open House in Cyberjaya. Garden, open-air concept, with awnings and artificial light. From about 8 pm to 11 pm. This will be slightly challenging and I am grateful for the china-made softbox.

The other is a private function at KL Hilton. This dude has a family dinner there, followed by over-nighter with friends at the Lifestyle Suite. Should be interesting, this one...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whats New This Week?

Hatem Horror!

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Manchester City F.C. has got Robert Mancini as manager, Saudi aristocrat money behind them, but shite for brains. Kudos to the well-taken stunner by Newcastle homeboy, Adam Johnson for the win, but we have got to take some time to crucify that barmy cunt Nigel de Jong. As of 3rd October 2010 the score is de Jong 3 - The Civilized Footie World 0. Just ask Stuart Holden, Xabi Alonso and Hatem Ben Arfa. The only person appearing to do anything about this thuggery is Dutch National Coach Bert van Marwijk who apparently dropped that karate-kicking monkey for an unspecified period. Good on you Bert!

Latest: NUFC apparently sent out a 'strongly-worded letter' to the FA regarding de Jong's barbarism and Martin Atkinson's confusing display of what appears to be referee duties. More to come on this.

Oh, and we lost 1-2 away to City. A bloody disappointing loss which leaves us in 15th place after 7 games played. Felt worse after Blackpool won 2-1. Felt slightly better again after finding out the Kop lost to Blackpool 1-2 (and are now 17th in the EPL after 7 games). No disrespect, but if I were a Red, I'd be shitting bricks now. The Toon are more used to this treatment anyways.

Next up: Wigan Athletic at St. James' Park on 16th October 2010.

October Nuptials

The end of 2010 seems to ring to the tune of wedding bells. 

1. Leonard & Nicole's Wedding in August
2. Kiranjit's Wedding (in Seremban, which I missed, regretfully)
3. Ingo & YY's Wedding
4. Anna & K.C.'s registration on 10th October and Ceremony/Dinner on 26th & 27th October
5. Ruben & Yvonne's registration on 10th October and Dinner in January 2011
6. My Godsister, Cherylene's wedding dinner on 23rd October
7. Ben & Farina's registration on 20th October and Dinner on 24th October
8. Puan & Xiao Sun's Dinner on 18th December
9. Bee Teng's Dinner on 30th December
10. K.C's (AEON) registration is sometime towards the end of the year but Dinner is booked for March 2011

I'm grateful that Ruben has asked me to take some photo's for him. An absolute pleasure on my part!