Monday, September 27, 2010

What's New in the Life of Dom?

Sometime last year I decided that I needed writing therapy. And why not? Life was generally crappy, I was up to my neck in personal nonsense, I managed to drag myself away from a 3+ year relationship which didn’t work out, etc...

But somewhere in all that mess, I started writing stuff. First it was this Blog. Which of course was a bit of a joke since I didn’t really have any blogger connections and I’d probably be the only person reading this. After that it was more random stuff: articles, stories, reviews, anything at all. I sorta discovered myself in all that mess and realized that life has been good to me lately. No, I did not strike the lottery, but perhaps in many ways it has been... better than that?

Let’s see what’s new in my life recently. I can’t recall everything just this moment, but I’m sure it will come back to me soon enough:-

1) Salsa!
Where do I even begin on this one? You might know the story. Boy meets friend at Jazz Festival. Boy gets bored of crappy acts that night. Boy agrees to join friend at Salsa Havana on a Saturday night (what could possibly go wrong, eh?) for a bit of a look-see. Boy spend the next 3 hours watching people dance. Boy gets curious and drops by what he thinks is a dance studio above a regular mamak haunt. The rest, as they say, is history.

2) Holidays!
I’m actually going for holidays now. Which goes pretty much hand-in-hand with the next one...

3) Photography
This is a pretty big one for me. Almost as big as salsa, and perhaps may be bigger in the long term. It’s been crazy ever since I started taking pictures. I think I may have an eye for photos but I’ve researched enough to know that my particular style of photographs are not conventional. Love it or hate it, have a look first, won’t you?

4) Texas Hold ‘Em Poker
I was really, really crazy about poker at one time. I lived, breathed, ate, drank and shat poker. Then guess what happened? I started dancing. I intend to resume my poker career (for the 2nd time?) pretty soon...

5) A Theory of Change?
The bullshit of stunts pulled by the Singer and Rhythm Guitarist of a band I was involved in (since the last post a year ago) meant that a musical dream died. Anyways, I always thought it was HIS band and not OURS. But what’s done is done. I’m happier without the childish nonsense.

One of my closest mates, Calvin ‘Fatty’ Symons actually told me about an excellent comment he made to Mals, his better half – I incorporate photography into everything I do, be it salsa, poker or whatever. I like that comment.

Anyways – for the record, I’m not in any emotional turmoil. I just realized I have not updated this blog in a looooonnngggg time. I’ve got some time in the office, so, there.