Monday, November 30, 2009

Singapore is a fine, a fine, fine country. Kena pay all the time, bankrupt all my money

This is the second time I’ve used the above line. Love it. Although the iconic Kopy Kat Klan song was playing in my head the whole while. Almost drove me krazy.

I’ve been back in Kay El for the past couple of weeks and I still kinda feel the post-SISF blues. I’ve stopped dancing in the office though. Now I have to learn to stop spot-turning when someone calls me.

From 13th to 15th November 2009, I was part of a sizeable Malaysian / Havana Estudio contingent headed out to Singapore for the Singapore International Salsa Festival 2009 (“SISF”). Since I use this Blog space not so much for blogging (because it’s just not that kind of party), but rather for keeping tabs on events or anecdotes in my life (which apparently, is few and far in between), I took the liberty of taking a walk down memory lane by reading the piece I posted AFTER the Malaysia Salsa Congress in May this year. For the sake of perspective, Congress 2009 was my first salsa event since I started dancing.

Visibly, I was more relaxed this time round, treating the whole thing like a glorious salsa holiday. I was sharing an adorable little room with Florence, Jaime and Raj, the 3 of which I’ve grown rather fond of (in no particular order, hoho) over the long weekend. Some points of note:

1) I’ve improved somewhat over the past couple of months. I recall with nostalgic fondness, Imagen Latina’s workshop in Congress, of which I struggled to follow. However, during Imagen Latina’s workshop in SISF, it became easier to follow them just by watching. Everything somehow became more obvious.

2) I revived my enthusiasm for dancing. It’s been waning for a while now. Of late, I’ve been feeling like I’ve reached a ‘plateau’ in my dancing ‘career’. You know, like “I don’t know any new moves” or “My dancing isn’t going anywhere”. Even the rueda which I’ve grown to love has taken a backseat (which is depressing to say the least). Good news is, just like Congress, SISF brought me back to life. God’s knows for how long though but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

3) I took part in a Guinness Book of records attempt for the WORLD’S LARGEST RUEDA WHEEL! Woo hoo! With reference to No. 2 above, this was my Rueda ‘revival’ of sorts. Although there may be some complications there… but you won’t hear it from me.

4) I actually picked up some brilliant moves over the weekend. Now, the execution of the same is another story entirely…

5) I love my iPhone. So much. So, so much. Never been technologically enhanced before. I’m such a caveman.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Candid Confessions of a Dangerous Dominique

The bitter irony of all this, is that my last post (which is btw more than a year ago) mentions “there hasn’t been a post in quite a while now…

I’ve been reading the early postings of Yours Truly, and I’ve noted certain points of interest and development since March 2008:-

1) I still think that occasional writing is therapeutic. The only difference is lately I’ve been wanting to be heard at least once in a while;

2) I’ve since virtually stopped playing poker. Although I’ve been trying on and off (and losing ungodly sums of money in the learning process – how much ‘fees’ must I pay again!?). Instead, I’ve been dancing. That’s right. You heard me. Dancing. Dominique dances salsa. Get over it. The best part? I’m still dancing as much as ever. In fact, 2 weeks ago, I concluded my 2nd salsa event, the Singapore International Salsa Festival 2009, and before that, the Malaysian Salsa Congress in May 2009;

3) I’ve been into photography for a while now. While I like some of my photos, my inexperience clearly shows in bigger events… :( You can check out my album on my mukasurat Mukabuku;

4) I ended things with my long-time (ex) pompuan at the end of 2008. Enough said.

5) I’ve been travelling. Not a whole lot, but more than I have been for the past couple of years. Granted it was for salsa (mostly) and to nearby places such as Singapore and Krabi, but it’s a step in the right direction;

6) Calvin and I re-joined Aaron Ponniah and his existing band member Dixon, and a newbie, Daniel, to form the band what is known today as the Theory of Change. We’ve had a couple of minor gigs so far, and an upcoming attempted recording. Here’s to more good things for us;

7) I just realized that I never did complete the 3-part “Project” to build from scratch a poker mat out of everyday affordable household items. I’m updated Parts 1 and 2 but not the last one. I think I still have the photos for Part 3. Anyways, the mat was made long ago and is still being used whenever we got to Kheong’s house for a poker session. Although I must say, since then, I’ve made a much bigger, better, and cooler looking one, with real felt! I’ll post it up soon (for the sake of closure). I’ve also since then, amassed a nice mini-collection of poker stuff including pro-grade cards and semi-clay chips;

8) I’ve changed my number back to the same number from the old days;

9) I’ve made some new friends. Something I didn’t really do for a long time;

10) I've since become somewhat a Mukabuku addict.

It kinda made me think of my life so far, up to the past couple of years, up to recently. I suddenly had a “wish-I-could-go-back-and-do-things-differently” moment. I’ll post any more random thought whenever I get them. Better than spamming my Mukabuku Status Update space innit?