Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why Am I Here?

I was just thinking, who in the world is going to read my blog? It's not interesting, and neither am I popular. I'm not political, funny, controversial nor even good looking. All I do all day is dislike things and be annoyed.
Either way, there hasn't been a post in quite a while now, largely contributed by the fact that i'm currently doing the work of 3 people. That's pretty sad actually. Mainly because my salary is still the same.
More work, same pay, same shit different day.
But on the lighter side of things, for those few (probably like 1-2) who have been reading this blog, then you can finally see the finished work of my poker project. :D
Just gimme a while and i'll be posting it later today.
Oh, and another thing, for anyone reading this post, i'm currently trying to recruit poker players, Texas Hold-'Em in particular. Check out my FaceBook profile (can search my e-mail: and you'll be able to find under "GROUPS" our NEW 'club' of sorts. Its known as the "PLAY UNTIL BLIND: Poker Association of Malaysia".
We don't play for $$ (theres actually SOME money involved but its negligible, tightwad) but more for the fellowship and healthy gaming. When we first began, i thought it would probably die out, just like other 'activities' but until today, its still going on. Pretty soon i'll be posting pics of the player and more!
Any interested, please let me know! We are definately glad to have you any and everyone. Girls, poker isn' exclusively a man's game (check out "Annie Duke, Pro Poker Player") and Guys, the stats do not lie: macho-ness stems from card games (Re: Casino Royale, you thought it was cool, don't lie to yourself!).
Don't matter whether you're a beginner (who wants to learn, we're glad to show you how), an intermediate playa (plays on and off but wants to play more, we'll oblige!) and even an expert/pro playa (us mortals need to learn from someone!). Contact us soon and we can discuss this further!