Thursday, March 17, 2011



I find this a most strange word - so often the cause of much resentment, animosity and uncertainty, even though the word itself connotes a positive reaction towards a positive action.

In my personal experience, I’ve so often felt under-appreciated. Whether by a loved one, a lover, a friend or a boss. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been in severe arguments as a result of this issue. The frequency of this matter arising has also led me to question my own disposition. I can safely surmise that the feeling of lack of appreciation may be the result of:-

a) My own incompetence or inability to do anything worth appreciation; OR
b) My consistent contact with individuals who lack appreciation for anything in general. 

Sometimes I wish to believe that I am right. Moreso when engaged in heated argument. I tend to get defensive, as virtually all of us do, and that does not help me at all.

Sometimes, I stop to think – maybe the other person has some point in all this, and I am in fact, merely blowing my own horn (so to speak), and unjustifiably so at that.

Answers? I wish I had them. Res ipsa loquitor then. Let the facts speak for themselves.

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